STORIES : Super Meat Boy Bad Fic Part 3:

those goddamn fans those goddamn fucking fans oh goddamn it god how he hated those goddamn fucking fans and he hated the way they cut up him and shredded him and cut him to ribbons and then they cut those ribbons to smaller ribbons and smaller ribbons and smaller fucking ribbons and tiny little cubes of meat spraying blood all over the place and oh goddamn it how he hated those goddamn fucking fans

and they cut him up and cut him up so bad and left pieces of him on the couch and pieces of him on the washing machine and splashed blood all over the tree and pieces of him flushed down the toilet and oh goddamn it did it fucking hurt him

super meat boy doesn't have a nose but a piece of meat where his nose would be is on train tracks and it tickled him him and the tickle was really really intense and resulted in an explosive sneeze that explodes blood all over the place like an explody bloody thing that blows up


dr fetus stands over that piece of bloody meaty blood that should be super meat boy's nose but isn't his nose and dr fetus is gloating and laughing as he restrains bandage girl

and then doctor fetus sneezes and sprays this black froth over his visor that is black like his evil sociopathic heart


and bandage girl oh poor bandage girl she is crying because she is so sad and so she is crying floods of tears of calamine lotion that was trickling and oozing and pouring down her pink face and sobbing until she too feels that tickle in her nonexistent nose that would be twitching and flaring if only it existed


and then came brownie to the rescue and he is made from dr fetus's shit but he was here to help meat boy but the tickle burned in his nonexistent nose and his eyes fluttered shit and when he sneezed even his sneezes smell like shit and they are this noxious methane cloud that filled the room and dyes the sky snot green and its really really gross and it made me throw up from the miasma of nose farts


and then they all sneezed




and they sneezed a hundred billion times

meat boy and brownie leapt over the spinning sawblades but as soon as they reached dr fetus the good doctor delivers a punch to them both and then grabs bandage girl and disappears yet again