STORIES : Super Meat Boy Bad Fic Part 2:


It hurt so excrusiatingly bad as Meat Boy lay in the pile of used syringes. He sneezed. Hapawhishhhpshpshfuckyouassholeahshit! and then the syringes went in further into his bloody skinless body and oh motherfucking GOD did that shit agonizingly and excrusiatingly hurt so hurtingly badly and shit


Something smelled like smelled so bad. The shitty foul stench of shit filled Meat Boy's invisible nose and he sneezed again! Hippoooshhhhhhhhhhhooooommmmmmm!

A shitty hand closed around MeatBoy's wrist and he was yanked suddenly and abruptly into the air and then he was thrown and then he slid along the ground until he slowed down to a halt and standing before him now was Brownie, made from the foul shit of Doctor Fetus!!!!!

Meat Boy stood up but he looked away as the tears filled his eyes because Bandage Girl was gone and there was no telling what the evil heinous and hateful Doctor Fetus was doing to her. Doctor Fetus was such a bad person, so hateful but the shit of a person is the opposite of what they are so when Doctor Fetus defecated, since he was such an evil hateful bastard, his shit came out cute and adorable. Brownie's nose twitched and his eyes slid shut as his mouth opened and he sneezed. Hkkkkiitoooommpotty! You're supposed to find him cute, goddamn it! Just like you're supposed to feel bad for Meat Boy, who has lost the most precious thing he ever had, he lost his love and he can't get her back. You should feel bad for him for his plight is tragic and this is supposed to be some really sad shit here, but you don't feel bad, you won't even shed a tear because you are a heartless bastard, aren't you?

Brownie stroked Meat Boy's back, leaving behind a shit trail along his skinless back and Meat Boy managed a faint smile through his really sad tears (why aren't you crying with him? This is poignent stuff and you should be crying!) and then he sneezed a shower of blood over Brownie. XXXXXPPPPPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

And then up on some stupid platform was Doctor Fetus holding Bandage Girl hostage. Bandage Girl let out out a small sneeze eeeeeeeekkkkshhiiiiiiiiiiiixxxhshshshshsshshSHSHSHSSHSHSHSHSSHSHSH! But otherwise she was crying and sad because Doctor Fetus kept her away from her beloved Meat Boy. Why aren't you crying along with her? Not only you are a heartless animal who feels nothing but you ENJOY their suffering, don't you? Admit it! That's why you read these kinds of stories and watch such violent filth on TV because you enjoy seeing people in pain and that's what's wrong with society. YOU'RE what's wrong with society, you sick son of a bitch! She is crying and Meat Boy is crying below and you enjoy their tears instead of feeling bad for them.

Meat Boy jumped over a series of saw blades which formed a pattern so nebulous and labyrinthine and cyclopean that I'm too fucking lazy to bother describing it so lets just say it's indescribable and you'll find it scary because that's the reaction that you're supposed to have if you weren't such an insolent reader who likes to question my genius and NOT feel bad for my poor precious characters. And then Brownie was close behind him and Meat Boy was upon Doctor Fetus. And then Doctor Fetus sneezed and sprayed his hot white fluids all over the inside of his suit. WAWAWAWAAXXXXXXXXIIOOOOOOSHHHHHERRRRRRRR! And then he was blind, but it didn't stop him from punching Meat boy right in the face and grabbing Bandage Girl and teleporting away once more.

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