Stories : Super Meat Boy Bad Fic : Part One:

Super Meat Boy and Bandage Girl were cuddling in the woods. Stroking each other's back lovingly and tenderly and lovingly, Meat Boy starred lovingly in Bandage Girl's eyes and Bandage Girl starred lovingly in Meat Boy's eyes and they were livingly in love and smiled at each other lovingly, because they were in love. And then Meat Boy doubled over and sneezed wettly, loudly, sharply, noisily, and softly. Hayawakashpshpshpshpshpshshoopffawaskaia!

Bandage Girl's smile became smilier and lovinglier and then she sneezed very sneezingly, like Achoofskshkshkshkshkshpshshitass!"

And Meat Boy rubbed her bakc caressingly and smiled.

All of a sudden, Dr. Fetus abruptly and suddenly appeared and after flipping Meat Boy the bird he punched Meat Boy in the face with the intention of hurting him because Dr Fetus is a bad person and no one likes him so he hates all of you and he hates Meat Boy even more. Meat Boy flew in the air across the room and landed in a pile of used syringes that just so happened to be lying around outside the hospital for whatever reason. It really, really hurt him painfully and then he exploded and died, also painfully.

Bandage Girl was really upset. She sneezed pink caramel lotion all over Dr Fetus. Hwakshshsshnowk! Doctor Fetus slapped her smackingly and kidnapped her.

Meat Boy ran, leaving behind a bloody blood trail behind him as he ran. He sneezed. Harrarrackspitchomp! He sjumped aerodynamically over the salt pile and hovered over the gravity orb, swinging back and forth like a bloody swingy thing that swings back and forth below the sawblades. And then suddenly a sudden missile launcher fired at him and the missile blew him up and killed him excrusiatingly.

He sneezed. Karaqallashoo! He quickly ran and jumped springingly across the maggot pits. Another missile shot at him and he jumped over it and slipped in the lava and burned up hotly because the lava was really, really hot and it burned him up so bad.

And after he died, he sneezed again. Quadkshkshkshkshkshkshksh!

He hurried Hurriedly across the course, jumped over and around the saw blades and eventually reached Bandage Girl. Bandage Girl sneezed. Gishhoopoopoo!

And then Dr Fetus punched her and carried her off someplace else.