Stories : Rendezvous at Seven-Eleven : Part One:


Erin’s eyes fluttered open with the release of that thunderous sneeze from across the room. Feeling the early morning sun hitting her face, she squinted her eyes as she threw her covers off her body and rose from her bed just in time for yet another sneeze to emit from across the bedroom.


Carla was at the mercy of yet another severe allergy attack, it seemed. This news made Erin smile devilishly the more she thought about it. Looks like spring is definitely in the air today, she thought and giggled softly to herself, hoping her friend wouldn’t here her.

“Oh God…ah…ah…huh-uh…Ha-ISHOOOOOO!”

“Whoa, God bless you!” exclaimed Erin, cheerfully astonished.

It was a phrase she must’ve said to Carla about ten or twenty times a day, particularly around this time of the year, and was also one she knew she would never tire of.

“Oh Jesus, Erin, I’m sorry,” said Carla, now blushing as she sniffed and then grabbed a Kleenex off the nightstand to blow her nose.

“Don’t worry about it; it’s okay.”

“I am so, so sorry, Erin, for waking you up on your day off.” Carla disposed of the snotty tissue in the small trash receptacle they had in their bedroom. She brushed a lock of her short, blond hair away from her face slowly with her right hand, and then bit down on her bottom lip, looking very nervous as her reddened nose began to twitch again. Carla’s eyes began to squeeze tightly shut as her mouth opened and she threw her hands to her face in anticipation of yet another loud, wet sneeze that sprang forth: “Huh…Huh…ah-huh-HA-IISSSHOOOOO!”

“Bless you,” said Erin, smiling.


“You okay?”

“Yeah-it’s just these fucking allergies again, that’s all.” Carla sniffed, frowning.

Erin nodded sympathetically, as she covered herself with her blanket once more to hide her wetness, not wanting her best friend to notice that her sneezes were, as always, really turning her on.


"Whoa, bless you again!" said Erin vivaciously, hoping Carla wouldn't notice by her tone how excited she was getting.

"Thanks." Carla groaned and coughed.

"Are you okay?"

"I'll live. If sneezing was gonna kill me, I would've died years ago."

"True enough," Erin thought, but didn't say, as Carla grabbed yet another Kleenex from the nightstand to blow her nose with. One thing about Carla, one thing that Erin had always enjoyed about her best friend was that she had one of the most sensitive noses she had ever seen. Aside from having severe hay fever during spring (which was at its absolutely worst in May), Carla was also a photic sneezer, sneezing around two to three times every time the sun hit her face, particularly when she'd been in a dark room for a while. She also sneezed quite frequently in swimming pools, when a sudden chill hit her, from pepper and various other spices, and she also, much to her own disdain, had been very prone to colds for some reason.

It was these colds that were Erin's favorite. Whenever Carla came down with a cold, Erin would usually intentionally catch it as well (albeit discreetly), since she had always felt there was something intimate about sharing colds. Erin had always secretly had a crush on Carla, for the longest time it seemed. They were best friends, with Carla aware that Erin was a lesbian but completely in the dark with regards to her sneeze fetish. She would tell Carla, but decided it was best not to since Carla sneezed so very often it would only serve to disturb her. It was Carla's sneezes that Erin enjoyed most of all, of course (although she enjoyed sneezes from other people as well), and Carla was about the only person that Erin herself had ever enjoyed to sneeze in front of (although she did like to sneeze when she was by herself). That was what shared colds had offered to her--there was something that greatly turned her on about her and Carla sneezing together, a secret intimacy that only she was aware of.

Unfortunately, it wasn't something she could get from allergies as Erin didn't suffer from them (she was allergic to dust and greatly allergic to cats, which would sometimes make her sneeze like crazy, but not pollen).

Yet allergies were very enjoyable in and of themselves as well.

"HAASHOOOO!" Carla sneezed once more. "HACHOOO! HA-ISHOO!"

"God bless you!" Erin just now noticed that she had been massaging her sex beneath the blankets, rubbing fast and hard with each sneeze Carla let off.

"I gotta tell ya, Erin, these allergies may not kill me, but they sure are a pain in the ass."

"Yeah." Erin nodded sympathetically. "I'm sure they are."


“Bless you.”

"Ugh thanks."

"No problem," responded Erin, and then she thought dreamily: No problem at all!

"I guess I'd better take a shower," said Carla as she threw the Kleenex in the wastebasket.

"Sure, you do that." Erin smiled discreetly to herself, thinking: Oh if only you knew...

Carla left.

And as Erin sat on her bed, watching blissfully as Carla shut the door behind her, Erin wondered briefly what her best friend would think if she knew of her secret fetish; she had actually considered telling Carla that her sneezes were in reality turning her on. But as always, she declined, deciding it best that Carla not have any knowledge of any of this.

* * *

"Harashooo! ugh...*sniff*...damn allergies," Carla muttered as she stepped into the shower, feeling the lukewarm water sprinkling over her naked body. Can't believe I woke Erin...again, she thought, blushing. She sniffed, and sneezed once again "huh-harashew!" Ugh...not the first time I woke her up though...and definitely not gonna be the last time either. *sigh* no matter what time of year it is, there's always something making me sneeze, whether it be yet another winter cold or spring and summertime allergies...I honestly don't know how she can put up with me.

We're really, really good friends, that's how.

She grabbed the bar of soap from the tray, and as she began to lather it over her body, she felt yet another tickle in her reddened, overly sensitive nose. It intensified quickly, almost burning, yearning for release of that horrible irritant, begging to let loose with one wet and messy   sneeze. Her eyes squeezed tightly shut as she bent her head back slightly, her mouth slowly coming open in tune with her flaring red nostrils, and then:


Her head was then thrown forward with the force of that one, almighty sneeze, and she would have surely bashed it against the wall had she not thrown her hands in front of her to stop the forward momentum just in time. Still, she had dropped her bar of soap, which bounced off the wall and plopped onto the floor with a soft splash of water which sprinkled against her shin. She had also noticed, sniffing, her eyes now coming open, that she had sprayed a thin film of snot over the wall in front of her.


She closed her eyes, placing her index and middle finger over her left temple, moaning silently. All this sneezing was really starting to give her a throbbing headache.

What I wouldn't give for some really good pills for these allergies right about now, she thought, in the midst of yet another sneeze. But I just can't stand dealing with those fucking side effects!

* * *

Carla sneezed repeatedly throughout breakfast that morning, holding them back just long enough to swallow each spoonful of Lucky Charms, and then letting loose with yet another mini fit, excusing herself each time, her cheeks turning even more red, but nowhere near matching the harsh, irritated redness of her sore nose. She grabbed a napkin, wincing in pain as she applied it to that sore, reddened nose of hers, irritating her way-too-sensitive nasal membranes, and then having to sneeze all over again. Such a vicious cycle, she thought gloomily, and took in another spoonful of Lucky Charms.

And Erin sat there, eating her own bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, one hand holding the spoon she used to scoop each spoonful of cereal into her mouth, and the other hand lightly and very discreetly massaging her sex, rubbing just a little bit harder with each forceful sneeze let off but Carla, but trying very hard not to show the sexual tension she had been feeling right now because of Carla's sneezing. She had blessed each one of Carla's sneezes at first, as usual, yet after awhile she had quit--Carla would have assumed Erin was simply getting tired of saying it over and over again all the time, yet in truth, Erin feared that if she continued blessed her best friend, Carla would sense the arousal in Erin's voice.

They finished their breakfast and rinsed their bowls in the sink.

Then Carla said, sniffling: “Well, guess I'd better get going.”

“To meet that Jack guy that emailed you a few nights ago at Seven-Eleven.”

“*Sniff* yeah, that's right.”

“You sure you're up to this? I mean, in the condition you're in.”

“*Sniff* I'm fine, Erin, really.”

“Are you sure it's worth the risk? This guy sent you one lousy email.”

“It's nothing like, Erin. Keep in mind you never even saw the email, so you know absolutely nothing about any of this. And it's not a damn bit like what you're probably thinking it is.”

“Fine, whatever. But maybe I should drive. With your allergies acting up the way they are, you're liable to get into an accident.”

“I'm perfectly capable of driving, Erin.”

“You sure?”

Carla was about to nod when Erin noticed her cute little red nose twitching, her watering eyes squeezing shut, her head bending back in preparation for yet another forceful, messy sneeze: “Huh-HARASHOO! Ha-ISHOO! HACHoo!”

“God bless you, Carla.”

“*sniff* ugh...thanks...hashoo!”

“I'm driving.”

“Carla, we've been through this a million times. You're sneezing doesn't bother me one bit.”

“Fine, whatever. Just hurry up and get your things so we can go already.”

And with that said, Erin grinned, giggling softly as she gave her best friend a quick salute and said cheerfully: “Yes, ma'am!”


To be continued.