STORIES : Perfume Torture:

Michelle Williams rarely ever sneezed at all, and when she did, ninety percent of the time it was only once, and perhaps the other ten percent would have been a double, if she were lucky. When she caught a cold, that number might be increased to three or the blessed number of four, which she might do two or three times a day for the duration of her illness, but with a nearly impenetrable immune system, she rarely caught colds, and had no allergies either. If she were to clean and dust her dorm, she would usually sneeze twice afterwards to clean the dust from her nose, but otherwise, Michelle would usually go many days, sometimes even a whole week or two, without sneezing at all. On the rare occasions she did sneeze, it always left her stunned after for the simple reason that she did it so infrequently.

As she entered the computer lab for her Computer Science 101 course, a sudden, acrid aroma immediately filled her nose, prickling her sinuses as though a fine needle had been inserted into one of her nostrils. It was her first day of the semester, back from Christmas vacation, and this sudden tickle in her nose was the last thing she had expected to come back to, because it was in the middle of January, after all, and sneezing was that much more of a rare event for her during winter than it might be during other times of the year. When spring came along, she might sneeze once every two or three days, whereas during the winter, she would sneeze once every two or three weeks, mostly, unless she caught a cold, which was usually unlikely.

She sat down in front of one of the computers, typed in her username and password, and waited for Windows XP to load on her computer. As she did that, she brushed a lock of her long golden caramel hair from her eyes and pinched her nose shut as Professor Jack Dickens shut the door and began the lecture.

“Welcome to Computer Science 101,” he began, and then went on to explain the rules and the course requirements.

His voice seemed to come from a distance as Michelle’s nose burned fiercely, and she now realized that she had been thrust up close and personal to the source of her nasal irritation. It was the girl sitting next to her. She was blond, with a petite frame and hazel green eyes. Professor Dickens—while calling out the attendance, called the name Jillian Price, and she raised her hand, so Michelle concluded that that must be her name.

More precisely, it was the perfume Jill had been wearing that was bothering Michelle’s nose. The girl didn’t just spray it lightly over her body, but instead seemed to bathe in the stuff, judging from the acrid stench. Michelle usually didn’t have much of a problem with perfume either most of the time (though there had been a couple that had gotten her to sneeze a few times, but never made her feel the way she felt now), but this was an unfamiliar brand with a scent she couldn’t place.

“Is there a Michelle Williams?” Professor Dickens asked, startling Michelle out of her trance.

She sniffled wetly before throwing her hand into the air. “I’m here,” she said, blushing deeply. “Sorry about that.” She sniffled again and rubbed the back of her hand against her small, itchy nose.

Professor Dickens continued with the attendance.

Before sitting back down, Michelle’s eyes wandered throughout the classroom and found, much to her dismay, that each of the computers had been occupied. It had been a full class this semester—the ratio had been mostly guys, but there were quite a few girls as well. Michelle had been one, along with Jill—with her perfume overdose—and many other girls scattered about as well. Why must it be a full class? Michelle thought frantically, wondering if there would be anyone would be willing to switch seats with her.

She sat back down and her eyes veered toward Jill, whom now had her hands cupped to her face. Jill’s eyes watered briefly, and then squeezed tightly shut. Her head pitched forward with three sharp, but delicate sneezes, each one with a two second pause in between: “Huh-hischooo! Heheschooo! Hischooo!” She blinked, and then blushed as she removed her hands from her face. “Excuse me,” she said as her face turned red and she giggled slightly.

“Bless you,” Michelle said, her voice growing hitched.

“Thanks,” Jill said smiling.

Jill might have looked somewhat different from Tara—Michelle’s best friend from school.

Tara had shoulder-length dark hair, dark eyes, and very pale skin. Yet Tara had remarkably similar sneezing habits to that of Jill. Like Jill, Tara often times giggled while blushing after her sneezing, and as Michelle could remember, that girl sneezed a lot. Tara and Michelle had been best friends from third grade all the way up to their senior year in high school, and whenever Michelle saw her, Tara always seemed to be sneezing. Whether it was allergies or something else, Tara couldn’t seem to go a day without sneezing at least a couple of times, and when she sneezed, it was always at least three times, and sometimes going up to ten or even twelve. Michelle loved it when Tara sneezed but at times was jealous as well, for she wished she could join in the fun when Tara went off on her little fits and loved those rare occasions when she and Tara sneezed at the same time. Michelle hated sneezing in front of a classroom or in public or around anyone she didn’t know, just as she hated sneezing in front of family members, but there was something nice about sneezing in her friend’s presence. Michelle was by no means a lesbian (she had a boyfriend, whom she loved to see sneeze and loved sneezing in his presence as well), and wasn’t even sure she’d consider herself bisexual, yet there was still something eerily arousing about the whole idea of sneezing in front of Tara as well as Tara herself sneezing.

Tara’s sneeze wasn’t identical to that of Jill’s, but it sounded somewhat similar, a bit more delicate. But the sneezing procedure was nearly the same as that of Jill right now.

Of course, Tara never saturated herself in perfume…

All this thought about sneezing is making the tickle even worse, Michelle thought dismally with another sniffle as her nose began to feel clogged and seared.

Jill once more pitched her head forward with two sharp sneezes: “Hmmphshooo! Schoooo!” She sniffled, blushed, and giggled once more. “Wow! Excuse me.”

“Bless you,” Michelle said, her breathing growing more hitched as her nasal cavities narrowed even further and she felt another tooth pick stabbing her sinuses. Through it all, she felt a pang of arousal deep within her loins at the sight and sound of Jill sneezing.

“Thanks,” Jill said, and stifled a sneeze. “Been sneezing all day. I think I used too much perfume.

I couldn’t agree more, Michelle thought as she put a hand over her itchy, burning nose.

Michelle ceased her struggle against her impending sneeze—it was too painful, the tickle too much to bear any longer. She hated sneezing around any kind of group of people when she didn’t know them, whether it be a classroom, out in public, wherever. But she had to remember to keep things in perspective: When she sneezed, most of the time it was only one sneeze, and so not the type of thing people would pay much attention to, and certainly nothing like the kinds of fits that Tara had frequently had, which Michelle enjoyed watching and listening to a great deal. It was just one sneeze, nothing more…

Her heart raced as she squirmed in her seat. Although her classmates all had their eyes clued to their computer monitors while Professor Dickens went on with his lecture on classroom and grading policies (Michelle could no longer make out what he was saying), it seemed as though their eyes pinned her down. Her breathing grew hitch, and then erratic. She gasped and blinked her eyes twice before squeezing them shut. Her nose twitched as her lips parted. Michelle threw one hand to her mouth just in time to catch the quiet-half stifled sneeze that pitched her head forward an inch and made her entire body shiver. “Ha-kmmmshh!”

The man sitting next to her spared her a brief glance before returning to his computer and discreetly checking out a gaming forum for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

“Bless you,” Jill whispered sympathetically. “I hope my perfume isn’t getting to you, too.”

Michelle shook her head. “No, I think I am catching a cold,” she lied, knowing that she felt just fine before entering the classroom. Her breathing hitched once more as the tickle returned. “My boyfriend’s been sick a couple days now.”

The last part had been true. Her boyfriend Stephen had come down with a bad cold, and Michelle had tried to catch it. While other sneeze fetishists might not relate (then again, some might), she found something erotic and intimate about sharing a cold with her boyfriend, and always tried catching his colds as she tried giving her own to him. She supposed someday she might tell him of this aspect of her life, whenever she was feeling bold and not so shy about her fetish.

Jill nodded and returned to her computer screen.

The fumes from Jill’s perfume continued their attack, stabbing her sensitized nose like daggers. They were like pins going in and out of her sinuses, torturing her. Her bloodshot, watering eyes grew enflamed and swelled in the back of her head, and she had to sneeze again. Michelle sniffled wetly and pinched her nose closed with her fingers, massaging the bridge of her nose and receiving no reprieve from the fiery tickle. Michelle looked at the clock in the front of the classroom, and at her watch, and both seemed frozen.

Time stood still as her nose blazed hotly and her first sneezing fit threatened to burst forth. Five minutes had gone by since she entered the classroom—five minutes of struggle against the sneeze, yet it seemed as though the full ninety minutes of class had passed and that it was time to leave. When she was having fun and enjoying herself, time passed by too quickly, but when she was tortured, in pain, suffering like she was now, time just dragged by so fucking slowly, the seconds just barely inching by as though crawling through a puddle of molasses.

Michelle had always wanted to have a sneezing fit—her own sneezes turned her on and she wished only she could sneeze more. Throughout her life, since she was old enough to be aroused by anything, and perhaps even before puberty, she had hoped and prayed that someday she might have a sneezing fit, that same sneezing fit that threatened to overwhelm her now. But not now, not like this, and certainly not in front of all these people.

I have to get out of her, Michelle thought frantically.

She hurriedly zipped her coat and clutched her purse and bag to her chest as she sprang out of her chair with such force that the momentum pushed the chair back and the legs scraped loudly against the pearl-colored tile floor.

This time, as she stood there—her face haggard, her nose now hot and burning over her face—the entire class was watching her. A few of them laughed, but most of them just stared at her, with puzzled, uncomprehending gazes over each of their faces as Michelle stood there, trembling, her mouth hanging open while her nostrils twitched wildly.

“Ms. Williams, is everything okay?” Professor Dickens asked, stopping from his lecture.

“I’m sorry,” Michelle stammered, her voice hitched with dread and filled with nasal congestion. “I just remembered something…I think I left something—a pan, I mean the stove, yeah, that…think I left it…I-I’m sorry, but I have to go.”


* * *


Outside, the air was crisp and cold winds whipped against Michelle Williams as she pushed the doors open and sniffled wetly, blinking her still watering eyes as she gasped and rubbed at her itchy, burning nose. She wouldn’t return to her computer class today; she couldn’t. Not with the knowledge of what was waiting for her. Next time she would be sure to come extra early so she wouldn’t have to sit so close to Jill and her acrid overdose of perfume. This was only Michelle’s first year in college (second semester), but she had some idea already of how things worked. She had registered for the Computer Science class because she was computer illiterate and wanted to change that, but this was only the first day of class, so there wasn’t much to learn. The teacher would only go over classroom and grading policies, and might even let the class out early anyway. He might pass important papers out, such as the syllabus, but Michelle could collect that next time, she thought.

She walked closely to the side of the brick building, heading toward her dorms. A few people walked by, and some even looked at her, but they remained at a distance, and right now, Michelle was grateful for that.

Even with the blessed absence of the perfume torture, the tickle still persisted in Michelle’s nose, burning. She rubbed at it frantically as her nose turned bright red. Her breathing hitched once more, and she doubled over, sneezing into the open air: “Hihhh-KISSHHHHH!”

The sneeze took her by surprise and left her stunned as her whole body broke out in gooseflesh. Leaving her stunned still was the sensation that she would sneeze again. “Huh-KISHHH! HuhKSHHHH! KISHOOOO! HiiIISHHHH!”

Wow! Four sneezes! Michelle thought, dazzled by what had just happened.

Now that she was (sort of) alone (though still in a public setting), she wished only that Stephen were present so the two of them could sneeze together. The mere thought of that was exquisite, yet she was in the midst of having her own sneezing fit, and could feel her clit moistening and swelling with arousal. Michelle thought as she sneezed again openly three times, that that was probably good enough for the time being.

I wonder what perfume Jill uses. I wish I could muster the courage to ask her, so I can use it on myself in private, Michelle thought as she doubled over and sneezed again. “Haaahhh-kiiiiishhhhhh!”


The End.