STORIES : Forbidden Sneezes:

Susanís eyes fluttered open with a sharp tickle burning in her nose and as she rose from her bed, she sighed and sniffled miserably, knowing that any moment now, she was going to sneeze. It happened every morning, particularly in September, with the ragweed growing plentifully outside, driving her nose insane. The entire day was bad for her, but mornings had been the worst, at times seeming as though she would never stop sneezing. It would have been embarrassing enough as it was, but then her lover Megan always had to complain, with her spurning, contemptuous gaze, telling her to knock it off, as if she could help it, as if she could hold back the sneezes if she really tried. But alas it was impossible, for while she could stifle the first few, the sneezes always came eventually, bursting out from her in the end no matter how hard she struggled to hold back; it was always a losing battle. Her eyes watered and her breath hitched as she squeezed her eyes tightly shut, her lips parting.


False alarm. Thank God. She peered down at Megan, who was peacefully asleep, and shuddered at the thought that she had almost sneezed and woken her, was almost subject to yet another of her loverís scathing lectures as to why sneezing was gross, disgusting, pathetic, and how people should hold their sneezes in as she did rather than let them out and subject others to such a vile, unsanitary act.

Susan sniffled wetly and furiously rubbed her madly itching nose before brushing her hair from her face. For even without the autumnís ragweed or the pollen of spring and summer, there was still her hair, frequently falling into her face, tickling her nose, sometimes enough to make her sneeze once, and that one sneeze was enough to earn her Meganís wrath should she be present. Again she rubbed her nose, hoping to quell the stubborn tickle that refused to go away.

The early morning sun broke through the window, shining brightly against her face, and the tickle grew afresh, intensifying even as she squinted her eyes and turned away from the sun. Her breathing hitched once more as she closed her eyes, and then:

"Huh...ha-knx! Ha-knx!"

Susanís ears throbbed and her nose ached. God how she hated stifling. She sniffled again and sighed with relief that Megan remained asleep, undisturbed. A cautiously smile of relief creased her face, then faded yet again as her nostrils quivered with yet another burning tickle in her nose.

"Ha-knx! Ha-knx! Heh-Chiiishhewwww!"

That last sneeze would not be stifled, but instead came full force, and Susan doubled over from the force of that sneeze, her nipples hardening as she sprayed a fine mist against her naked breasts. Susan moaned contentedly, feeling a brief sense of satisfaction from that sneeze, before she was snapped out of her reverie upon seeing Megan stir from her sleep.

"Will you shut the fuck up," Megan said groggily, without even opening her eyes, before slipping back into slumber.

'Most people just say "bless you",' Susan thought sullenly as she stifled another sneeze:


That last one was much too forceful, leaving her feeling dizzy and with a splitting headache. She groaned miserably, yet felt some sense of relief when she saw that Megan hadnít stirred from her sleep once more.

'Why did I have to fall for someone who is such a Nazi about sneezing?' Susan lamented with a sigh.


Susan could remember last January, when she and Megan had first started going out, of how they had been at that restaurant, waiting for their food to be delivered. Susan couldnít remember what their conversation had been about; it was mostly small-talk and bullshit anyway, which had never really interested her. But she could remember clearly how her nose had started tickling; it was a minor itch at first, just teasing her, slipping away only to resurface once more, just a little bit stronger, causing her to sniffle and rub her nose. Megan seemed not to have noticed. Eventually, Susan turned away frantically, her head thrusting forward as she sneezed into her cupped hands, just once:


She sniffled wetly, expecting, hoping that Megan would bless her, but Megan only shuddered with deep revulsion, her eyes spurning Susan with a look of such wretched disgust. Later on, she swore that she mustíve imagined such a reaction; not everyone said bless you after someone sneezed, but most people, most normal people were okay with it, particularly if it was only one or two sneezes.

Yet as the two continued dating, and eventually started sharing the same apartment, Meganís reactions grew steadily worse, the more Susan had sneezed in front of her, until one night Megan had finally had enough:

"God, will you shut up already! All you ever do is sneeze and itís such a turn-off."

"I canít...hasshheeewww! *sniffles* I canít help it."

"What do you mean you canít help it?"

"I have aller-schhewwwww! *sniffles* I have allergies. Haiiiishooo!"

"Allergies my ass. Canít you just take something for it?"

"N-nothing *sniffles* hah-chhiishhhewww! Isshhoooooo! Nothing works."

Megan sighed and shuddered in revulsion. "Do you have any idea what itís like for me, having to listen to you sneeze constantly, all the fucking time?" Megan then mimicked her sneezes and rolled her eyes. "See how disgusting you sound? I have to put up with that shit all the time and Iím so fucking sick of it!"

Susan frowned and sobbed as tears filled her eyes. "Iím sorry, I donít mean to upset you. Itís just....I canít help it, okay? Iíve had allergies all my life; Iíve always been like this."

"Yeah and it really pisses me off," Megan snapped at her without the least bit of sympathy. "God, youíre so pathetic, you know that? I mean, couldnít you just hold them back and stop yourself from sneezing."

Susan wiped the tears from her eyes and nodded, then with a sob, she said: "I...I could try."

She left the apartment afterward and hurried off to the car, relieved at least that no one else had seen her crying. Once in the car, she sat in the driverís seat and cried against the steering wheel, sobbing uncontrollably. After what seemed like a half hour, she was finally able to regain her composure, wiping away the last few errant tears from her eyes as she felt yet another tickle building in her nose. Crying had always made her very sneezy afterward, and she would sit there for at least a half hour, sneezing intermittently because of it.


For the first time in her life Susan had been truly ashamed of her allergies. At times, particularly during adolescence, she had been self-conscious, perhaps slightly embarrassed by her sneezing fits, but never had she felt this degree of shame and self-loathing for something she couldnít even control. Most of the time when she sneezed, people just said "bless you" and moved on; if she had a long enough fit, some people might start to laugh and make a few comments, teasing her a bit, and she would blush and giggle and continue to sneeze. But the scathing comments Megan had made that night had caught her completely unprepared.

Susan had gone back inside later, explaining how badly those comments had hurt her, yet Megan simply rolled her eyes, seemingly not caring in the least. "Just donít sneeze anymore," she said coldly.

Susan bowed her head shamefully. "Iíll try not to, Iím sorry, I...eeehhhshhhchhewww!"

Megan glowered at her and rolled her eyes. "Absolutely pathetic."

From that point on, Susan struggled in vain to stop her sneezes completely, but no matter how hard she tried, they almost always came eventually, often times in fits of five or more, much to Meganís disgust. Even stifling the sneezes werenít good enough; Megan wanted her to hold them back altogether and never sneeze at all. During those times, as tears threatened to spill forth from her eyes, Susan wondered why she stayed with such a bitch, for if Megan had truly cared about her, couldnít she at least try to tolerate her sneezing?

When Susanís nose wasnít bothering her, Megan was so sweet, such a caring lover, always hugging and kissing her, always going on about how she had adored Susan and hated being away from her for even a short time. They had had the best sex during those sneezeless times as well. And in the blissful afterglow following orgasm as they snuggled naked in each otherís loving embrace, Susan felt utterly complete, wishing only that those moments would last forever.

But eventually Susan would begin to sneeze again, and the sweet, loving, caring Megan would give way to the bitchy Sneeze Nazi, who would mercilessly lash out at Susan for something she couldnít even control. Even when the two were out in public, Megan had shamelessly lambasted her, which had earned Susan a few sympathetic glances, though no one had ever spoken up to defend her.


Susan sighed now and rubbed her nose, sniffling as she watched Megan turn over restlessly on the bed, tightly clutching the blankets to her naked body. 'Oh shit,' Susan thought uneasily, 'maybe she didnít fall back asleep after all.' And with that thought came another burning tickle deep within her nose. 'Maybe I should just leave and take a shower, before I sneeze again and am subjected to more of Meganís insults and bullying,' she decided.

A shower sounded like a splendid idea, for all sounds coming from the bathroom were muffled by the fan as well as the water spraying against the shower wall and her naked body. Susan always sneezed at least once or twice in the shower, and during allergy season she sneezed continuously until about five or ten minutes after she had left the shower. While she had come to absolutely dread the thought of sneezing around Megan, she experienced a blissful, almost sensual thrill from sneezing in the shower, out of reach from Megan and her vitriolic protests. There was no attention drawn, no scathing comments from her lover; just Susan standing there naked and sneezing wetly and uncovered against the shower wall and sometimes her breasts as well, again and again, sometimes even blessing herself with a naughty, mischievous giggle when she was able to get a few words in between sneezes. It instilled in her a natural high, feeling completely unburdened, as though a great weight had been lifted from her shoulders, even if it had only been for a little while, she still felt totally free. Overtime it became a sexual experience as well, leaving her nipples hardened and her vagina grew wet and throbbed with desire.

As Susan hurried toward the bedroom door, not bothering to put on some clothes (when only she and Megan were home, they both frequently strutted around the house naked anyway, so that was no big deal), she doubled and sneezed wetly into the air:

"Hehshhewwww! Hah-chhiishhhewwwww!"

Susan stopped immediately in her tracks, overwhelmed by a feeling of sudden dread that left her with a shortness of breath. She jolted, startled upon seeing Meganís eyes flutter open a second time, seeing her lover yawn, stretch, and slowly rise from her bed. Her eyes, set ablaze with fury, were fixed squarely upon Susan as she bared her teeth at her and muttered:

"Thanks for waking me up, you fucking bitch."

Susan stammered: "I—Iím sorry, I—"

Megan threw her hands in the air, the motion causing her breasts to bob up and down. "Canít you just hold them in?"

Susan bit back a sob, struggling to keep the tears back, for no matter how many times they had had this conversation, Susan could never numb her heart from Meganís scorn. "Iím sorry, I try, you know I try." She sobbed and then squeezed her teary eyes shut, stifling three sneezes in quick succession. "Hah-knx! Knx! Knx!"

Megan scoffed and rolled her eyes. "Absolutely pathetic."

Susan sniffled and rubbed her eyes, saying softly: "I mean, everyone sneezes sometimes." She paused, furiously rubbing her itchy nose, and then said quietly, with brief hesitation. "I bet even you sneeze sometimes."

"Whatever," replied Megan, almost appalled by such an allegation. It was then that Megan began to rub her own nose, sniffling quietly as her nostrils twitched and wiggled. Slowly, her breathing started to hitch as her eyes squinted, then closed tightly as her head bobbed forward with a girlie, high-pitched:

"Hah-kkshhewww! Kutshch!

Susan looked up incredulously, grinning through her tears as she said in disbelief: "Oh my God, was that...was that a sneeze?"

Megan shook her head frantically, blushing furiously. "No, of course not, I....haptchshewww! Huh-kkttchhssheewww!"

"Whoís the pathetic and disgusting one now, huh?" Susan laughed, grinning as her own nose tickled. She stifled the first sneeze: "Hah-knx!" But as her nose continue to tickle, she declared to herself: 'No more!' For she had now seen Megan sneeze (something she had always wanted to observe since Megan had first lambasted her for her sneezing), so Megan had no business bitching about anyone elseís sneezes anymore. From this point forward, Susan would sneeze proudly and freely, Megan be damned! She thrust her head forward: "Hah-iiishhhoooo!" she sneezed openly into the air, moaning with exquisite pleasure as the fine mist sprayed her breasts, leaving her nipples now rock hard. "Hah-chiishhewww! Ishhhewww!" Her cunt was soaked and aching with arousal now and as she sat back down and sneezed against her vagina, it throbbed even more. "Hatchshhewwww!" She massaged her fingers against her clit, rubbing harder and faster with each messy sneeze that sprayed her breasts, belly, and cunt: "Hah-chiishhewwww! Isshhewwww! Hahtcheewwww!"

Megan, more mortified now than angry, cried: "Oh well you just...huh...hah-kkshhhh! Kshheewwww! Oh God! Ptchshhewwww! Haptchewwww! *sniffles* W-whatís whatís...hah-kshhh! Hah-kutsch! Whatís happening to me? Ker-choooo! Kutch Kerchooo!"

Susan giggled, smiling radiantly as she blushed with great arousal as her own itchy, tickly nose twitched and wiggled. "God youíre...hah-isshhhewww! *sniffles* youíre so pathetic and disgusting...Hah-chiishheewwww! You know that?"

"Oh just...huh...hah-kcheewww! Kisshhoooo!"

Megan could say no more, nor could Susan for that matter, for both women were now caught in an endless, relentless sneezing fit that seemed without end and offering little reprieve. Through all of this, Susan continued to masturbate, her orgasms blissfully intensified because of her uncontrollable sneezes. Megan grew dizzy and miserable, her nose aching even more with each oncoming sneeze, her throat feeling raw, and her temples throbbing because of a growing headache. As Susan savored the sneeziness, Megan yearned only for an end that seemed unreachable.


The end