Here are all the sneezy stories that I've written during the time I've been in this community, right here for your enjoyment. Please note that unless otherwise noted, all of these stories will contain at least some female sneezes. Some will contain male sneezing, while others won't. If they contain male sneezing, I'll mention that in the story's blurb. I will also mention any other things you should be aware of that the story might contain; that way, you'll have no excuse because you will have been warned of potentially offensive material beforehand. And I'll also give some kind of explanation as to what the story is about, so you'll have at least some idea. And of course some background behind the story. Hopefully these blurbs won't be too long-winded. Anyway, stories containing sexual situations or overtones will be labelled as (18+).Some of these stories were on Serotica as well, while others were posted on various message boards.


Amber: (18+) The first story I ever wrote for the sneeze fetish community, back in December 2000 to January 2001. Upon finding the sneeze fetish sites and reading some of the stories, I really wanted to write a fetish fiction myself and have it posted, and this is what I came up with. Serotica was more than happy to take it (it was originally posted under the name Fred Burke, but I've long since dropped that pseudenym). Its the story of a young adult female who catches a cold from walking home in the rain, which wouldn't normally be a problem, but her lesbian lover is coming over, so it kind of is a problem.

Love at First Sneeze: (18+) The second story, also posted under Serotica in March 2001 (this time under Bondi). The story of a man who is mugged in a dark alley and is taken care of by a friend he just met who has really bad allergies. Contains a small amount of male sneezing, but mostly female. Has adult situations (IE--sex) and some violence as well.

Rendezvous at Seven-Eleven: (18+) A strange story I wrote for my old storyboard about two roomates, one of whom has allergies, and the other who is turned on by those allergies. Carla gets a strange call from someone who wants to meet her at Seven-Eleven. Written sometime during the summer of 2001 and told in two parts, with some male sneezing in Part Two.
Part One | Part Two

Phone Except: Written in July 2001, it is a dialogue between two people, one of whom has a cold.

Neighbor from Hell: Written in August 2001 at the request of someone who wanted a sneezing-while-hiding scenario (no, I don't take requests, don't have time to, so don't ask). The story of Amanda, who is being terrorized by her psychopath neighbor who murdered his wife. It doesn't contain any sexual material, but has a lot of violence, so keep that in mind before reading it.

Julie: Written in October 2001. The purpose of this was to start off an interactive story, which never really caught on, but I suppose the story could be complete in and of itself. There isn't anything really extraordinary about the story, but I still think its good in its own right. The story of a college student who has to suddenly leave class because of a massive sneezing fit.

The Antisneeze Serum: Written in January through March 2002 and told in three parts. It was inspired by Sir Sneezealot's old "Bondi's Bandits" series (which I no longer have) and is a story involving some of the members of the community (many of which are no longer active, but they were at the time I wrote this) and how they must save me from the evil Anti-Sneeze, who wants to perfect a serum that will prevent people from sneezing for the rest of their lives. This story contains some male sneezing throughout. It also has a great deal of violence and is a very bizarre story overall (and I wouldn't have it any other way).
Part One | Part Two | Part Three

Mental Block: (18+) Written in May 2002 and originally posted on Serotica. The story of a man who is unable to sneeze around anybody else, but sort of wants to sneeze around his girlfriend, but can't, and is very afraid to. Aside from a lot of female sneezing, there is some male sneezing in this one, too.

Perfume Torture (18+): I wrote this one on January 12, 2004 through January 14, 2004 after over 18 months of no stories having anything to do with the sneeze fetish. It is a very short work about a young college student who almost never sneezes, who is now stuck in a classroom next to another female student soaked in perfume, and it is making her have to sneeze really bad. This one is not as unique as some of my other ones, but I hope it is still enjoyable nevertheless.

Forbidden Sneezes (18+): Written on November 03, 2006 and originally posted here. It is about a woman who has really bad allergies that make her sneeze all the time, which in itself could be bad enough, but to make matters worse, her lesbian lover absolutely hates it when someone sneezes for any reason, which obviously make things extremely difficult and awkward for her!

Super Meat Boy Bad Fic: Part One was written on September 26, 2014. Part Two was written on November 09, 2014. Part Three was written on March 12, 2016. An intentionally badly written fanfiction for Super Meat Boy. Contains male and female sneezes.
Part One | Part Two | Part Three

Deadly Hurricane Sneezes: Written February 28, 2015. The story of a woman whose hurricane sneezes have cost her her freedom and the lives of many other people. Contains female sneezes and one from a character whose gender is unspecified.

The Spray: Written January 16, 2016. A man purchases a spray that's guaranteed to make anyone sneeze and seeks to use it on one of his classmates. But things might not work out quite the way he intended. Contains female sneezes.